RGV’s first IMAX theater coming to Edinburg

RGV’s first IMAX theater coming to Edinburg

Carmike Cinemas’ corporate headquarters announced they have begun large-scale renovations at its Carmike Cinemas 20 entertainment complex in Edinburg, featuring the construction of the first IMAX theater in the Rio Grande Valley.


The nearest IMAX to the Valley is located in Corpus Christi.


Carmike Cinemas 20 in Edinburg will remain open for business during the construction period, which is scheduled to be completed in early 2017, according to a news release issued from Carmike Cinemas’ main office in Columbus, Georgia.


In addition, the upgraded venue will have luxury, plush electric recliners that offer reserved seating in all of the auditoriums.


The lobby area at Carmike Cinemas 20 in Edinburg also will be renovated to include new concession stands, serving hot foods. In addition, the concession area will include full bar service, pending license approval.


IMAX is the world’s most immersive movie going experience with awe-inspiring images, heart-pounding audio and a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall IMAX screen designed to make the movie feel so real, movie goers forget they are in a theatre, according the the Carmine Cinemas news release.


According to Wikipedia,  IMAX (an acronym for Image MAXimum) is a motion picture film format and a set of cinema projection standards created by Canadian company IMAX Corporation and developed by Graeme FergusonRoman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw.


IMAX has the capacity to record and display images of far greater size and resolution than conventional film systems. Since 2002, some feature films have been converted (or upgraded) into IMAX format for displaying in IMAX theatres and some have also been partially shot in IMAX.


IMAX is the most widely used system for special-venue film presentations. As of January 1, 2016, there were 1061 IMAX theatres in 67 countries.


More details about IMAX are available at the company’s website, IMAX.com.


Full Story available at www.EdinburgPolitics.com

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