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Pursuant to the Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Section 552, I hereby request the following information of records of the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation:

In submitting this request, the Requestor unders tands that the EEDC is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy the request or to comply with a standing request for information. The Requestor further understands the information will be released only in accordance to the Public Information Act, which may require a determination by the Texas Office of the Attorney General prior to its release. The Requestor also understands the information requested may require clarification or an extension of time in order to research and/or gather the information requested. The Requestor understands they will be notified of the clarification or extension of time within 10 days after the request has been properly submitted in writing to the EEDC via email at PIR@edinburgedc.com or Fax at 956-380-2738. Requestor identification may be required.

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